Search Engine Optimization

search-engine-optimization (1)SEO’s abbreviation is Search Engine Optimization. This term increases the strategies, techniques, and tactics in order to increase the number of folks to visit the website by obtaining the top rank placement in the SERP (Search Engine) which includes Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines. The entire concept is not only about the search engine but it also improves the user experience and the usability of a website. It is the right place for the social promotion of the website. More than by using the Google or Yahoo the folks wish to promote it on the Facebook, Twitter and the other social media channels. There are two types such as White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. This technique does not involve in any deception and it conforms to the search engine’s guidelines. At the same time, it ensures the good quality of the web pages and also the availability of the content is 100% confirmed. In the black hat, the users are redirected from a web page that is built for the search engines to one that is more than human-friendly. Here many concepts are used such as Meta tag stuffing and keyword stuffing.