pre pregnancyThe importance of a pre-natal check up is something a parent should not take for granted. However, experts believe that doing check up should start earlier. It is called a pre-pregnancy care.

So what can a couple expect from the doctors at this early stage? They can examine and run tests for couples to check for any hidden illness which can impact pregnancy. A healthy couple means healthy sperm and egg which hopefully results in a healthy baby. Proper diet and exercise will also be advised to get your body in an optimal state before the sperm and egg cell combines.

Existing medical conditions like asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure  should be brought to the attention of your doctor. Aside from the effect these illnesses can have on your baby, the drugs used to manage it can be harmful during pregnancy. A replacement may be suggested by your doctor.

After checking any illnesses the doctor will run fertility tests. If everything checks out, the doctor will give advice on how to increase fertility naturally. Below is a list of common advice:

  1. No Smoking – It affects your fertility rate due to its nature.
  2. Eat The Right Foods – There are foods which can help couples improve their chance of conceiving. It should be rich in vitamin E, vitamin B12, omega 3 and L-carnitine.
  3. Exercise Daily – A study confirms that being overweight affects your fertility rate as well as the increasing the risks during pregnancy.
  4. Folic Acid – Leafy vegetables are rich in folate. Folate helps lower certain risk of birth defects. Experts recommend 0.4mg every day. It should be taken 3 months before getting pregnant and should continue through your pregnancy.

Discuss the ups and down of getting pregnant with your partner. Talk about how it can affect your relationship, financial status and career. Getting pregnant changes a lot of things in your couple’s life.

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